Leaking Bathroom and Shower

Leaking Bathroom

Bathroom and Shower Leak Repairs

Bathrooms are the most used wet area in the home. So, it’s hardly surprising that they are among the most problematic areas when it comes to waterproofing.

Leaking showers, and leaking bathrooms in general, are one of the most common major building defects. If you’ve noticed signs of water leakage in or around your bathroom, you need to act fast. A seemingly minor leak could be a sign of a major (and costly) waterproofing defect.

At Australian Waterproofing Company, we are your bathroom and shower waterproofing experts. We can track down and fix the leaks, assess the damage and recommend a long-term waterproofing solution to prevent further leaks and damage.

Signs of a Leaking Shower

One of the most common defects around the bathroom is a waterproofing failure within or around the shower recess. Common signs of a leaking shower include breakdown of wall surfaces (paint, plaster or wallpaper in the bathroom or on adjacent walls), uneven or loose tiles, damage to grout or caulk, ceiling stains and persistent mould or mildew.

Any signs of shower or bathroom leaks should be addressed immediately. A failure in your bathroom waterproofing could be a sign of more significant (and costly) problems.

Repairing A Leaking Bathroom

Repairing leaking bathrooms can be complex, but it’s absolutely essential. Shower or bathroom leaks don’t simply go away. They will continue doing progressive damage and can result in structural defects and safety concerns around the home.

Depending on the severity of the leaks and the damage, there are a few options for repairing leaking showers. The comprehensive option involves removing the tiles in the shower recess, repairing or replacing the waterproof membrane system, then re-tiling the area. This can be expensive and time-consuming (as the different stages of construction and waterproofing can take several days).

Alternatively, you can re-grout and reseal the existing tiles around the affected shower area. However, this may only be temporary (cheap band-aid) solution to the problem if the waterproof membrane is already damaged or if there is already significant water damage in the walls.

At Australian Waterproofing Company, we will find the source of the leaks, assess the damage and recommend a solution that’s right for your situation.

If you’ve noticed any signs of water leakage around your shower or bathroom, don’t delay. Contact the team at Australian Waterproofing Company today. Give us a call on 0431 606 905 or contact us online now.

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