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Do you find yourself constantly putting buckets out around the home to catch the drips when it rains? Are you losing sleep if you know a big storm is coming? Have you had enough of running around placing buckets on the inside of your project to catch the drips?   If you have a leak is penetrating your roof and ceiling and dripping down into the living area, then chances are there’s already moisture damage in your roof.

At Australian Waterproofing Company, we can help. We have over 20 years’ experience providing leaking roof repair across Melbourne.

We can assess the damage and track down and fix roof leaks. We’ll carry out the necessary roof leak repairs and thoroughly check for further water damage.

Rooftop failures are one of the most common waterproofing problems in Melbourne. Because your roof is constantly exposed to the elements, it is subject to significant day-to-day wear and tear. As the rooftop heats and cools it expands and contracts. Over time, this can damage the waterproof membrane system. Physical damage to the membrane can also be caused by falling branches or careless tradespeople or lack of maintenance.

Once water has penetrated this waterproof membrane system, it can settle into your roofing timbers, insulation, ceiling and even electrical wiring, creating safety concerns and doing long-term and costly damage.

This moisture can weaken roof and wall timbers, lead to rot and encourage the rapid growth of mould and mildew. Dampness in the roof can ruin finishes in the walls and ceiling, leaving water marks throughout carpets, plaster and paint.

And then there’s the smell that comes with water damage. Mould and mildew give off an unpleasant musty rotting odour. Add to that the airborne bacteria and allergens that this mould releases and you have the potential for some serious health problems.

We Can Help To Fix Roof Leak

Besides tracking down and fixing the leaks or water ingress, we also thoroughly check for water damage and carry out a full leak detection inspection.

It’s vital to find out why the leak occurred in the first place. If there’s damage to your waterproofing membrane system, you can bet that there will be more water ingress that you haven’t seen yet. And rather than simply reacting and fixing the leaks as they come along, the long-term solution is assessing and repairing your roof’s waterproofing membrane system.

We can refurbish or repair an existing waterproof membrane or, depending on the extent of the damage, replace a damage membrane.

For metal roofs, we recommend a liquid applied membrane. Not only will this waterproof the roof, but it will also prevent rust and extend the life of the roofing by protecting it from salts, UV and pollution.

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