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liquid rubber Melbourne

Liquid Rubber membrane protective coatings are manufactured in Australia specifically for our harsh weather conditions; implementing the most up-to-date achievements in chemistry. They are based on environmentally friendly, reliable and durable high quality materials that meet and exceed Australian Standards. Liquid rubber in Melbourne is highly in demand, because of its properties.

Australian Waterproofing Company is Victoria’s number one suppliers and installers of the Liquid Rubber Membrane system, the following are just a couple of areas we have successfully use Liquid Rubber in Melbourne:

Applications & Uses


 Landfills, erosion control, methane gas barriers and linings.

Civil work

Tunnels, bridges, dams and reservoirs, pond liners.

Building industry

Commercial & residential, between slab, basement wall, tanking, foundation, roofing, planter boxes, internal wet areas, balconies, terraces


Acid pits, wash bays and secondary liners Agriculture – rural dams, irrigation channels, viaducts and levees Sewage – pipe re-lining, water treatment plants


Augers, silos, piping, pilings and pylons

Vapor & termite barriers

Housing and other slab underlay


 New and retrofit construction


Shipping containers & other aggressive situations,
Anti-corrosion, underside and other areas of vehicles to control noise and vibration

Mining underground

Rock seam stabilization, controlling seepage and gas emissions in shafts

Presently Liquid Rubber Offers three types of coatings:
1. Liquid Rubber Spray Grade
2. Liquid Rubber High Build
3. Liquid Rubber Non-skid
Australian made liquid rubber A-Class instant set spray applied membrane system. This product is water-based, modified bitumen elastomeric asphalt ‘rubber’ waterproofing membrane system, developed as a premium membrane for high performance waterproofing. Liquid Rubber in Melbourne has been specifically formulated to suit the harshness of the Australian climate along with our unique environmental needs as a spray applied waterproofing membrane system. It is part of a dual component system that is applied using a specially designed spray applicator. Part A – Liquid Rubber Part B – Salt Solution at a ratio of approximately 10-1.

The technological advances in Australian made liquid rubber A-Class Instant Set spray applied membrane system has produced a quick setting membrane that is non-toxic and solvent free with excellent strength, elasticity and greater adhesion properties. This makes Liquid rubber in Melbourne an Eco friendly and economical membrane (used extensively for waterproofing).


  • Certified Premium Class III Membrane system as per AS/NZS4858 wet area membranes
  • Approved and Certified for potable water use
  • Modified elastomeric asphalt waterproofing membrane once cured won’t re-emulsify
  • Environmentally-friendly – low VOC – suitable in confined spaces and solvent free
  • Formulated for the harsh Australian climate and our unique environmental needs
  • Excellent adhesion to a wide range of substrates
  • Excellent elasticity and tensile strength once fully cured
  • Quick application approximately 10m2 per minute
  • Fast-drying

Industries We Service

Liquid rubber services works within a variety of industries such as the building and construction, utility companies, communications, water, power and transport, concrete, mining, industrial, civil and agricultural fields, on a wide range of tasks. Liquid rubber services have an exceptional record on completing projects of all sizes on time and on budget.

Range Of Applications

For all commercial, domestic, residential, industrial, mining and civil can be used in external and internal wet areas including: reservoir and large water catchments, concrete flume bridges, steel work under bridges above and below the waterline, water tanks internal and external, fuel holding tanks, commercial fishery tanks, silos, lift pits, trenches, tunnels, Court yards, balconies, retaining walls, planter boxes, ponds, fountains and water features, rooftop gardens beds (green roofs) and all exposed rooftop resurfacing including over torch on membranes, corrugated iron, metal deck, clip lock roofing systems and box gutters.

All Liquid Rubber products
offer many feature and
advantages and are:

  • Water based
  • Odorless
  • Non-toxic
  • Free of volatile organic compounds (VOC)
  • Free of flammable solvents
  • 10 Year Warranty

Australian Waterproofing Company


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Make sure your domestic and commercial property is waterproofed using the best materials in the industry by contacting Australian Waterproofing Company.

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